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Terms and conditions

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Terms and Conditions

Thank you for booking with Your Bahamas. Your Way.

Role of TheRealBahamas LLC:
TheRealBahamas acts as an agent for the booking of adventures and activities across the Bahamas, but does not operate the activities featured herein. All of our adventures and activities are provided by activity operators and TheRealBahamas shall not accept any liability whatsoever for the activity. Therefore, in purchasing from and/or making reservations with TheRealBahamas, you are entering into a contract with the operator of the adventure, not with TheRealBahamas, and are bound by the terms and conditions of the operator as communicated on our website and in your voucher  confirmation. Each supplier may have their own terms and conditions which TheRealBahamas can supply at your request and is featured on each activity's outline. Each supplier retains the right to deny, without refund, any person that does not comply with stated rules and regulations.

Reservations and Availability:
All activities and adventures are subject to availability. Please refer to for recommendations as to how far in advance a given activity should be booked and/or check the online reservation calendars. TheRealBahamas cannot guarantee that your desired date will be available, even if you have observed the recommended time frame. For best results, we recommend that you rserve your activity far in advance of your desired date and refrain from purchasing associated transportation without first having received a booking confirmation from TheRealBahamas.

TheRealBahamas Vouchers:
TheRealBahamas vouchers must be presented to the tour operator on the day of the activity and will serve as your proof of payment. Please guard these vouchers and associated emails carefully and treat them as you would cash. Please ensure that you can show photo identification as necessary to the operator.

Confirmation Emails and Texts:
Upon confirmation of an activity, an email confirmation will be sent. 24 hours prior to the activity, a further reminder email or text will be sent. If you do not have international texting abilities whilst overseas and are due to be in the Bahamas at the time of the reminder, this reminder may not make it to you. Please ensure that you have an email in any reservation.

Redemption of Voucher: 
Vouchers may be redeemed on TheRealBahamas website or via email. Reservations for a given activity MUST be made in advance through TheRealBahamas. Once a request for a reservation has been made, TheRealBahamas will reply within 48 hours with a date confirmation, alternate dates to choose from, or, on the rare occasion, a reservation denial and offer of alternative activity. TheRealBahamas will do everything in its power to honor specific dates requested, however due to the popularity of certain dates, or the seasonal nature of an activity, your desired date may not be available.  Vouchers must be present on day of activity and be presented to the tour operator, in exchange for participation in the activity. Vouchers presented at a venue without a prior booking confirmation form TheRealBahamas will not be honored.

Validity of Voucher:
All TheRealBahamas gift vouchers are valid for one year from date of purchase and all activity confirmations are valid for the date of activity. As some activities are only available on certain dates or in certain seasons, the activity must have been reserved and completed on or before the one year mark. You must review the specific details of your desired experience. Also, because certain months tend to be busier than others, we suggest that you select your desired dates far in advance to avoid booking conflicts.

Extension of Validity:
Should you, for some reason, be unable to use your gift voucher within the one year time frame, TheReal Bahamas will extend the validity of the voucher for one additional year. There will be a $50 (USD) administrative fee for this service, plus any change in the price of the activity must be paid at that time as well. This service may only be offered on those vouchers that have not already expired.

Activity Choice:
Should you like to change the activity purchased, you may do so, assuming that reservations for stated activity have not yet been made or are outside the cancellation policy provided by the supplier. There will be a $20 (USD) administrative free for this service, plus any change in the price of the activity must be paid by at that time as well. If the new activity selected is of a lower value, the balance will be held in credit for you to use against any future purchases. TheRealBahamas is unable to return this amount as a refund.

Transfer of Voucher:
All TheRealBahamas gift vouchers or purchased activities may be transferred once, with the written permission of the recipient, for a $20 (USD) administrative fee. Please address such requests to TheRealBahamas LLC via email:

Loss of Voucher:
If your voucher is lost or stolen and has not already been redeemed, TheRealBahamas can cancel it and reissue a replacement voucher. There will be a $20 (USD) administration charge for this service.

Adventure Vouchers:
Adventure Vouchers allow you to select one activity from multiple choices. There will always be at least two adventures to choose from in each voucher category. You must have the voucher number available at time of booking. Adventure vouchers expire one year from date of purchase.

Accuracy of Information:
TheRealBahamas updates and maintains all information, photographs, activity details and descriptions to the best of its ability. TheRealBahamas urges but cannot guarantee the accuracy of, nor accept responsibility for, claims made about our adventures.  All information, descriptions and reservation details featured on TheRealBahamas website, in TheRealBahamas' advertising materials, or otherwise communicated are ment for purposes of illustration and shall not bind TheRealBahamas to any formal contract. Individual activities may vary as may session times.

Accuracy of Images:
The images used by TheRealBahamas are used to provide an indication of activity. They are used primarily as marketing tools and are not necessarily representative of the activity you will be  purchasing, as individual activities may vary. TheRealBahamas updates and maintains all information, photographs, activity details and descriptions to the best of its ability. TheRealBahamas urges its suppliers to provide accurate and up-to-date information on all posted activities, but cannot guarantee the accuracy of nor accept responsibility for inaccuracies in its descriptions.

Limitatons and Restrictions: 
Limitations and restrictions vary from activity to activity. Please consult our website or contact TheRealBahamas with questions about a particular activity's limitatons and restrictions, bearing in mind that each operator may have their own terms and conditions. Once reservations are made, you will be liable for charges if you have to cancel because the minimum requirements are not met. It is your responsibility to become familiar with and understand any particular terms and conditions that may apply.

Cancellation of Activity:
If, for any reason, an activity is cancelled by an operator, you will have the option of choosing another TheRealBahamas adventure, receiving TheRealBahamas credit to be used toward a future purchase, or receiving a full refund for the amount of activity purchased. Refunds will be applied to the credit card used at time of purchase.  TheRealBahamas is not liable for any expenses associated with the cancellation of an activity, such as travel or hotel fees incurred and expect all clients to have travel insurance. In purchasing and/or reserving TheRealBahamas gift vouchers or an activity you hereby acknowledge that activities may depend on certain factors that are beyond the control of TheRealBahamas and its suppliers. Beyond the above stated, neither TheRealBahamas, nor any associated operator, shall be liable for any cancellation or postponements due to circumstances beyond their reasonable control including, but not limited to, weather related problems, mechanical failures or other outside conditons.

Some of the activities represented herein may have a certain health risk involved with participation in the activity. In reserving a particular activity, you confirm that you are medically and physically fit and capable of participating in that particular activity. Should you have any existing medical condition or disability or know of any other factor that may hinder participation, you must advise the company in writing at the time of booking.  Individual operators may decline to accept an individual reservation if they consider that they cannot properly meet your individual needs and requirements. Such judgments will be left to the discretion of the tour operator. Additionally, some operators may require that a disclaimer be signed on day of the activity. Please be sure to read and understand these documents before signing. Personal insurance may not cover all adventures offered herein. Please consult your individual insurer with questions about coverage.

Because in purchasing/reserving a gift voucher or adventure activity you enter into a contract with the supplier of that activity, TheRealBahamas does not accept any liability for damages or injuries incurred on an activity, or resulting from the cancellation or postponement of an activity, whether physical, emotional, or mental. While TheRealBahamas does attempt to provide quality activities and suppliers, TheRealBahamas is in no way liable for the quality, delivery, nor safety of any of the activities listed on its site. The total liability of TheRealBahamas for any claim whatsoever in connection with a TheRealBahamas adventure  or activity shall be limited to the price paid for the gift voucher.

Handicapped Accessibility:
Due to the active nature of many of the adventures offered, not all of our activities are handicapped accessible. TheRealBahamas has tried in all cases to include accessibility information on each activity offered. We will do whatever possible to  encourage the participation of disabled customers and are happy to answer any questions or concerns regarding accessiblilty. Please mention any specific disabilities at the time of purchase so that we may best accommodate your needs.

Should you be dissatisfied with your activity, please bring that to the attention of the operator at the time of your activity. If you feel that your complaint was not properly handled and the reservation was prepaid through TheRealBahamas, you MUST notify TheRealBahamas of the situation no later than 20 hours after reservation time. Please be specific in the cause for the complaint and understand that, while TheRealBahamas will do everything possible to resolve the situation, TheRealBahamas reserves the right to adjudicate in any disputes and the decision of TheRealBahamas will remain absolute.

No Show:
If in any event you do not show up for your activity at the appointed time and location and have not notified TheRealBahamas in writing via email or phone in advance, you will forfeit up to the full sum of the voucher and as per the supplier's cancellation policy.

Refunds and Cancellations:
Vouchers may be returned for a full refund within 14 days of purchase, assuming that reservations for that activity have not already been made. After this date, vouchers may be exchanged for TheRealBahamas credit for you to use against future purcahses or may be refunded for the amount of the activity, less a $50 (USD) administrative charge, provided they fall within the one year period of validity from the original date of purchase and no reservations have been made. Should you need to cancel a booking after a reservation has been made, you will be subject to a minimum of 20% cancellation charge and the cancellation policy for that particular activity as established by the supplier with whom you have entered a contract at the time of booking. To request a refund you must email outlining the reason for your request. Refunds will be given on the original credit card used for purchase and will take place at the end of each month.

Gift Certificates:
TheRealBahamas gift certificates may be used towards the purchase of future adventures or activities. Gift certificates expire one year from the date of purchase. If the cost of the activity or adventure exceeds value of the gift certificate, the difference must be paid by the client at the time of the reservation or, in the instance of dining, at the place of the supplier. If cost of adventure is less than the amount of the gift certificate, the residual sum will be transferred into credit which may be used toward future TheRealBahamas purchases.

All terms and conditions apply to every voucher and booking regardless of whether or not recipient is also purchaser.

All information, ideas and methods contained on TheRealBahamas website and within any printed materials are the sole property of TheRealBahamas LLC. Information, ideas, and methods may not be duplicated or used without the express permission of TheRealBahamas LLC.

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