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Judee's Herbal Hour, Bushtea and more

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Taste some real Bahamian bushtea while Judee will tell you the benefits of her amazing teas and herbs, surrounded by historic artefacts nestled in this beautifully decorated shop.

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Located in Judee's shop at Deadmans Cay, 45 minutes south of Stella Maris, this 1 hour entertainment will reveal some of the amazing health benefits Bahamian organic bushtea imply. The former police building contains 2 origin prison cells, stunningly reconstructed into little showcases of historic artefacts, this store is an absolute MUST SEE!


Duration: 1 hour

Age: bush tea is good for small to old...

Location: At 'Judee's Blissful Creations' shop on Queen's Hwy Deadmans Cay. Transportation can be arranged either by Taxi or map given for those with rental cars.

What to Bring: Nothing other than a camera (and glasses if needed to see information sheet)!

About the Vendor: From her earliest days, Judee has loved the folklore and lessons from the years gone by. Translating this into a present day shop, Judee will wow visitors and locals alike as she shares her knowledge of local plants, history, historical finds and more.





  1. Deadman's Cay (BS)
  2. Stella Maris