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Massage: One Hour: Omar's Adventure Tours

You're on holidays... pampering yourself is the absolute must. Whether you have been hard at work diving, kayaking or relaxing, give yourself or a loved one the ultimate gift - massage!

Relax, unwind and let the stress of your "other" life be left far away as you listen to the Long Island Breeze and enjoy a therapeutic massage from Omar's Massage and Wellness.

With both male and female trained therapists available, this is an absolute must on anyone's agenda.

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WHERE: Conveniently brought to your room or rental villa, our professionally trained staff bring their own massage table with them.

DURATION: Massages come in 1 hour. Couple's massages are available on request.

MINIMUM AGE: No infants. Children  can be treated under parental supervision.

TYPES OF MASSAGE AVAILABLE: Omar's Relaxation Massage (combination of Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, Sports fitted to personal condition)

TRAINING: All our massage therapists are licenced and certified to practice massage in the Bahamas. Male or female therapists are available.

PHYSICAL CONDITIONS: If you are experiencing any specific pain or have any known physical ailments, these must be revealed on the disclaimer.

About Omar's Massage Therapy:

As a passionate Long Islander and tourism leader, Omar also is an avid health, fitness and wellness expert, a multi-award winnning weight lifter and personal trainer. Omar's passion for this island sees him take on many roles to help make Long Island such an amazing place to visit. As one of the leaders within the community who actively involves himself in all aspects of volunteer policework, security and youth development, Omar loves sharing this island throughout his ventures including car rentals and boat trips.


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