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Eco Tour & Pigs In Paradise: 1/2 Day: Mako Tours

From USD 250

From seeing stunning sandbars to Long Island's own Pigs in Paradise, this tour really is one of the "best" in visuals. Join Capt. Emile Knowles on this 1/2 day tour that is approximately 3 hours long. All bookings are on a request basis only for specific dates. Response time is less than 24 hours.

From USD 250

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There are no creatures more perfectly suited to their environment than the ocean's big predators: the marlin, tuna and sharks. For the angler, there's no greater challenge than pitting yourself against one of these fish that can outweigh you by five times or more. The fight against a big blue marlin, tuna or shark can last for hours - hours of back-breaking, muscle-cramping, teeth-grinding work until you're soaked with sweat and dizzy with fatigue and dehydration. Yet no one who's ever done it would trade away a moment of the experience becasue there's nothing more rewarding for a sportsman than having risen to the challenge, out-finessed and out-muscled one of the sea's apex predators, reeled it alongside the boat and then released it back into the world where it remains the undisputed king.

Reservation dates are often booked months in advance. All reservation requests will be responded to within 24 hours of receipt. If requested date is not available, the nearest alternative will be offered.


Wahoo, Mahi-Mahi (aka Dolphin Fish), Tuna, Cudas, Marlin, Sailfish, Mackeral



Please note all reservations are on a request basis until confirmed with the operator. Final confirmation will be given within 48 hours of booking.



  • DURATION: Approximately 3 Hours 
  • DEPARTURE TIME: 8am from Seaside Village at Jerry Wells
  • WHERE TO MEET: Meet at Seaside Village at Jerry Wells
  • LEVEL OF ACTIVITY REQUIRED: Must be comfortable to be on a boat.
  • MINIMUM AGE: Perfect for all ages. Life Jackets are available upon request.
  • MAXIMUM GUESTS:  Up to 5 guests plus captain contingent on weight price is $250 for 2 people and $75 each additional adult or $25 each chile
  • PICK UP: If you require pickup, a taxi can be provided 
  • WHAT TO BRING:  Shade is minimal on boat so please bring UV protection or long sleeved shirts and hats. Swimming costume, towel suntan lotion and bug spray.  Lunch if you wish or this can be provided as an extra - water is provided on the boat.  
  • CANCELLATION POLICY: Non refundable 2 weeks out. Service charge applicable for all cancellations

Emile Knowles has been a Captain and professional fisherman of Long Island for 25 years.





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